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Sand Sqirl

Areas of Expertise

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is a simple, yet powerful somatic approach to facilitating change that blends Eastern and Western perspectives.  When we tap on different acupressure points on the body while we are focused on an issue that is causing us stress or discomfort, our body and mind begin to shift and clear.
Tapping helps us release emotional overload and accelerate our emotional and physical healing. In addition, Tapping is a technique you can take away and use for your own self-care practice.

Brainspotting utilizes points in our visual field to gain access to stored trauma, allowing the body to release what is held that is causing us distress. 
The beauty of Brainspotting is that the processing and clearing of trauma can occur without the retelling of your trauma story.
This therapy is a gentle way to accelerate your transformation and healing.

Qi Gong

Fengyang style Qi Gong is an easy-to-learn, meditation in motion that can be practiced by people of all abilities.
Based on the principle of mind/body/spirit unity, Fengyang Qi Gong incorporates gentle, slow movement with intentional breathing, resulting in an increased meditative state.
The movements combine the essence of Taoist philosophy (Insight Meditation), the soft wrapping practice of Fengyang Internal Practice, and the essence of Yang style Tai Chi. Fengyang Qi Gong is a beautiful, meditative practice that brings you together with others while you heal your body/mind.

My Approach

I stumbled across Thought Field Therapy, a practice that influenced EFT Tapping, many years ago. Although I found it to beneficial, I didn't quite know how to introduce it to clients, and didn't have the support for my own practice of TFT. Naturally, my use of TFT went by the wayside.

Fast forward a few years later when a colleague of mine needed some storage space for a large number books on EFT Tapping. Knowing that the subject of the books was closely related to TFT, I decided to buy one from her and bring it with me on a weekend trip. Wouldn't you know, I had some powerful results from my weekend of practicing EFT Tapping and the rest is history.

I consider myself a learner, and have continued to practice, read, research and collect certifications in various therapies and techniques, that have proven to integrate beautifully both in and out of my office.

It's always interesting to introduce these techniques to clients, and then take the time to create with them their list of ingredients that they find useful.  In this way, they have agency over their unique recipe for health, wellness, resilience and joy.

My Approach
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