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Mental Wellness

Through the Window of Joy

Joy is the pure and simple delight of being alive and can be sensed as warmth and elation within the heart. Why do we so easily forget this feeling? Because our brains are wired with a negative bias. The amygdala, that small organ in our brains that activates the stress response, is a protective mechanism & reacts to the negative. Although this response might save our lives (because years ago we had to defend ourselves from dinosaurs), it also means that positive experiences are not as easily accessible because they do not pose a threat. So we need to learn to access the joy within in order re-wire our brains.


In this workshop participants will have an opportunity to slow down, turn inward & explore through different activities (see fun activities below) what brings joy. This process also involves bringing awareness to the felt sense in the body and understanding the mind-body-heart connection which this represents. This process also involves support for continued use of these activities which create joy in one’s life even when life conditions are challenging.


In this three-hour workshop participants will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Music 

  • Art


Toning with crystal bowls

EFT Tapping 

  • Qi Gong


There is a wonderful energy when we come together in groups to create and access joy. We look forward to seeing you August 6, 2022

from 9:30-12:30. Rain date August 13, 2022.

Your Facilitators

Edith Bross-Johns.png

Edith Bross-Johns

Edith Bross-Johns, LICSW has trained Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, EMDR, Brainspotting, and utilizes Internal Family Systems skills. She has a  private practice in Salem, MA where she offers virtual and walking sessions.  Edith finds joy in designing and digging in her garden, crocheting, sculpture, playing her mandolin, and dancing with the people she loves.

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Jenn DeLorenzo

Jenn DeLorenzo, LICSW has been in private practice for 25 years. She uses advanced techniques like Brainspotting and EFT Tapping to help clients clear out emotional and physical traumas so they can experience emotional freedom. Jenn finds joy hiking in the woods, kayaking, gardening, cooking and taking photos of all things nature. 

Denise Koelsch.png

Denise Koelsch

Denise Koelsch, LICSW is in private practice in Beverly, MA where she works with individuals and groups. She specializes in the treatment of trauma using EMDR, IFS & Brainspotting. Denise has also been teaching meditation for over ten years. Denise finds joy in gardening, meditation, astrology, the sound of crystal bowls and connecting to others through healing work.

Christine Routhier.png

Christine Routhier

Christine Routhier, MHC is a Music Therapist with training in Guided Imagery and Music, Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems. She has a private practice in Magnolia, MA. Christine finds joy in being with family, playing flute, and connecting with nature.