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Client Focus

As a therapist, I'm most gratified when people feel empowered with the tools and resources to be their own agents of change. This allows our collaborative work to be both enduring and ongoing. To help give you a feel for how we might work together, please explore the description of "The Work," below.


The Work

I work with a wide variety of people. Those who find our collaboration to be most productive generally fall into one of the following groups…

  • People whose current self-care work has reached a plateau. They might feel “stuck” and unable to move past certain issues and as such, feel motivated for change

  • Those who have done some work with a psychotherapist and are looking to expand that work by trying new therapies

  • Those who are seeking to build a well-rounded self-care practice, including EFT Tapping, Havening, Qi Gong, meditation, breath work and mindfulness.

  • People who have experienced some form of trauma (e.g., a recent loss such as a death or divorce, or an event(s) that occurred at a younger age) and need help processing these experiences so they have more access to joy and ease

  • People whose lives are in transition (e.g., recent empty nesters, those returning to work or changing careers) and would like help managing the associated stress

The Outcomes We Seek

The goals we set for our work together are varied and people report a variety of benefits…

  • Greater emotional freedom and an improved ability for self-care

  • Increased access to creativity

  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Increased ability for social engagement

  • A deeper connection between mind, body, spirit

  • Freedom from undesired, repetitive thoughts or behaviors and the feeling of “being stuck”

  • Knowledge of techniques they can use on their own to work with discomfort in the mind/body, and be more attuned to their emotions and present in the body

  • A decreased need for therapy sessions and increased joy in their lives

Let’s Work Together

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