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Who Has Time?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


Every morning I have to talk myself into taking the time for my Wellness Practice.




I talk to myself.

I talk myself out of emptying the dish drainer, checking in with e mail, putting the laundry in, or browsing through Instagram. I then talk myself into my Wellness Practice which often consists of

Qi Gong, yoga, intention setting and EFT Tapping. My practice can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. This is not a huge commitment right?

It’s become very clear to me after years of trying to figure out this “which comes first” conundrum, that my calming morning routine is the only way to begin if I want to remain grounded and mindful throughout the day.

My teacher and Mentor Dr. Ming Wu @ Wu Healing taught this to me years ago. I listened. I knew he was right. But I wasn’t ready. And I wasn’t ready. And I wasn’t ready. I tried, and I fell off, over and over again. The dishes needed to be taken care. The emails were calling to me. Those powerful, little red notifications on my phone seemed to call my name. All these tasks seemed more important, or at least they seemed easier.

When I told myself “I’ll do this later” because the kitchen needs tidying (or whatever excuse came to mind), my practice didn’t happen. It was easy to get carried away and “run out of time.” Then at the end of the day, I was left feeling disappointed in myself. I let myself down. That ultimately meant that I likely wasn’t showing up for me or others as my best self all day.

Indeed it turns out that my Wellness Practice can arm wrestle my chore list and win every time when it comes to knowing what is good for me, and therefore good for all those with whom I come in contact.

I never get carried away with my Wellness Practice. I don’t lose track of time. It doesn’t take away from completing other tasks. In fact, it adds to my productivity. In addition, it helps me to remain calm when some tasks don’t get completed. I feel more organized and less frazzled. My morning routine gives me access to my intuition, and clarity for good decision making. My Wellness Practice is the foundation for my day. It sets the tone. Always.

Try it. See if your Wellness Practice, short, medium or long, can arm wrestle your task list and win. Don’t worry at all if you have to talk to yourself to make it happen. I’ll be talking to myself too. Welcome to the club.

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