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When You Walk Into a Room

Vibration as Communication

Hold your palms up in front of you, and turn them to face each other about 1-3 inches apart. Gently close your eyes and circle your palms as if you are washing your hands. What do you feel? Bring your palms one foot away from each other and then back toward each other few times in an accordion-like motion. Now what do you notice? Perhaps some warmth or tingling, or a pull like a magnet? That’s energy! We are energetic beings.

Our thoughts are energetic as well, and as such, they create a vibration much like your hands did in that little mindful experiment.

Let’s try another one. Gently close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into a room with other people. It could be a couple of people or a boatload of people. It could be a work meeting, a social gathering, a family party or anything else that comes to mind.

Notice what shows up in your body right now. Notice what thoughts accompany that felt sense in the body. Notice your posture. Find a metaphor for this experience. For example, “I feel like a little boat lost at sea.”

You can see where this is going. If the thoughts in your head go something like this; “I am dreading this.” “Who will I talk to?” “My sister-in-law is always competing with me.” “I never know what to say.” “I’m always the tallest person in the room and it’s so awkward.” “My manager thinks she/he is always right.” “I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes.” “These people are brilliant and I have noting to add to the conversation.” “I feel like I am 15 again.”

Are you nodding your head yet?

Can you imagine what your body looks like when you are thinking these types of thoughts? Picture your shoulders scrunched up, your jaw being tight and your back trying to make you small so you can disappear. You might notice some of that tension right now.

Let’s circle back to the energy and vibration of your thoughts and your body. The thoughts create the very message you are imagining to be true. All those limiting beliefs and old experiences you carry with you into the room, are expressed without words.

With the holidays approaching, consider shifting your thoughts. First, breathe in, stand or sit up a little taller and relax any tension you notice in the body. At the very least, simply notice the tension. Rub your palms together as if you are warming your hands. Or you can tap gently underneath the bony protrusion under your collar bone on your chest. Choose some “What if” statements to repeat to yourself. For example: “What if I am ok?” “What if I practice embracing myself exactly as I am?” “What if I consider that I am an adult right now just like everyone else in the room?”

“What if I practice having an awareness of my connection to the Universe/my higher power?”

“What if I choose to remain at the event for one hour instead of three?” “What if there is one person in the room who makes me feel good?” “What if I feel my feet on the floor while I breathe in and out?” “What if I remind myself of all the people who enjoy me just as I am?”

I invite you to practice your “What ifs” in the morning, in the shower, after your meditation, or on your walk. One minute will do. Keep practicing and noticing. There is a cumulative effect

to this practice. Tune in to the changes and if you are feeling good about it, share the practice with a friend who could use a boost. Sharing will create another vibration and you will feel good about that too!

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I enjoyed this very much


Thank you very much, Jenn. This is so helpful.

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