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FAQs on the Integration of EFT Tapping and Brainspotting

In my recent presentation on The Integration of EFT Tapping and Brainspotting (given at the Brainspotting International Conference 2021), I received some wonderful questions from attendees. I have created this FAQ with a short video refresher on the 9 Gamut Procedure which gives us a lovely preview of Brainspots.

To ask me additional questions on this topic (which will be added to this blog post), please email me at

Q: How do do I help my client choose the words?

The wording for the set-up statement which we say three times can go like this...

  • Even though I feel anxious…..That’s just how it is right now.

  • Even though I have this sharp pain in my right knee... I can be curious about what it’s telling me.

  • Even though I am dreading this meeting and I can feel it in my belly... That’s my truth in this moment.

  • Even though I feel like I can't handle this pressure… I love and accept myself anyway.

  • The truth is I am so worried about my child... but I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

  • The truth is, I’m afraid of my boss... but I’m ok right now.

There’s a nice rocking back and forth with the set-up. The rest of the points support the reminder phrases. For example...

  • “This anxiety…in my belly…it’s a 6…I hate this feeling…it’s been with me forever…”

  • “I’m triggered…it’s all over….it’s black…and large…and intrusive…”

When it feels right after a round or two or three, you can check in as you would normally do.

Q: How do I work with a gazespot and the 9 Gamut Procedure?

We tap on the back of the hand, use a series of eye movements including the eye sweep of the imaginary clock, which provides the practitioner and the client with a preview or entrance to the brainspots. 

You can check in with your client regarding their preference of either the eye sweep on their own, or use of the pointer. Outside or Inside Window, or both can be utilized. Use any set-up makes the most sense for your client is at in that moment.

Think of the “clock eye sweep” as another avenue to work with much like X and Y Axis.

Q: What if my client can’t say “I deeply and completely love and accept myself?”

Always check in with your client to see if this statement rings true for them. You can use other positive statements (see set-ups above)or you can adjust this one to be, “I’d like to deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Or, “I am practicing deeply and completely loving myself.”

Q: Do I need to return my client to tapping after Brainspotting?

Remember you can be creative. Check in with your client to see if this is needed or wanted. It can be a lovely way to allow the work to settle in while also providing your client the opportunity to “come back into the space” after processing.

Q: Can we use Biolateral sound while integrating EFT and BSP?

If your client likes to use the Bilateral sound/music, you can use that for the entire processing session.

Q: Do we need to use the whole Basic Recipe Protocol?

Although the protocol is effective for processing, and it’s helpful for clients to learn and use on their own, you don’t need to use the entire protocol in session. Clients can use one tapping point that works for them to help with grounding and staying connected to their body.

Q: What if my client is sensitive to the tapping?

Your client can touch the points and breathe, or massage and breathe with all the end meridian points. They can feel free to use the points in a way that is most comfortable to them. Clients can also use imaginary tapping (visualize going through the points).

Q: Can I use the pointer during the 9 Gamut procedure?

Check in with your client beforehand to inquire about their preference. You can use the pointer or the client can simply use their eyes to scan around the imaginary clock.

You can also hold the BSP with the pointer and your client can find and utilize other BSP’s as needed.

Q: Can I weave in different modalities with EFT Tapping?

Yes! Tapping loves good company. Be as creative as you like.

I often begin sessions with some essential oils. When applied to the hands, the oils are taken in while we tap on the points, thereby using olfactory to assist the nervous system.

In addition, I will often complete EFT/BSP sessions with some movement, breath and stretching after I have checked in with my clients. Again, this can help your folks transition into the present moment, and it allows for some of the work to begin to settle in. I also encourage hydration as a way to flush the system.

Q: What are the tapping points?

Q: A video refresher on the 9 Gamut Procedure

Happy Tapping and please feel free to contact me with your questions and stories.

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