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The EFT 9-Gamut Sequence

When might I use the 9-Gamut?

  • with someone who is experiencing a general sense that something is "off"...for example, "I have this feeling of anxiety all the time but I don't know why. My life is really ok."

  • it can help filter out more specific events or body sensations with which you can work.

  • when there is more intense activation.

  • when someone feels "stuck"...for example there is a dissociative barrier that is performing the task of protecting someone from "going there," wherever "there" is.

For those of you using the 9-gamut with EFT Tapping or the Integration of EFT and Brainspotting, here is the sequence you can use after you have completed a round or two or three of Tapping. Please remember there are no hard and fast rules here. For Brainspotters, you might find you can jump right into the 9-gamut to access brainspots with your person when you arrive at the clock part of the sequence. Play around with it and see what develops. Remember you are always tapping with your people...this supports attunement and you receive thBorrowed Benefit of tapping together. We all feel different when we tap together even if we are not tapping on our own "stuff."

  • Please note the green dots on my hand pictured below. This is where we begin the 9-gamut sequence. Tap or massage the area on the back of the hand between the ring and pinky finger.

  • While tapping or massaging, close eyes and open eyes.

  • With eyes open and head facing forward, look down toward the floor to your right, and then your left (it's always ok to look left then right also :)).

  • Now imagine a big clock in front of you and while still tapping or massaging the back of the hand point, scan the clock gently and slowly with your eyes while keeping your head facing can begin by scanning clockwise or counterclockwise. Go in the other direction when you reach the imaginary number twelve. You are scanning the clock two times in total. For BSP practitioners, feel free to have your folks scan more than two times if you are collectively trying to access various brainspots for processing. If your person chooses to remain on a brainpsot, you can stop here in the 9-Gamut sequence and continue to support the Brainspotting. You might offer your person the option of tapping at the end of the BSP session as well. It's all up to them and what intuitively makes sense. Also note that some people like to continue tapping while they are on a brainspot. Others will prefer to stop tapping. Follow in the tail of the comet.

  • Bring your eyes gently back to the center and hum out loud for a few seconds.

  • Count to five out loud.

  • Hum again for a few seconds.

  • Come back to tapping one more round through.

  • Move your body in any way it wants to and exhale loudly or gently...drink some water.

  • Notice what you notice, feel what you feel and check in when you are ready.

Please keep me posted on your experiences. I welcome stories, learning and feedback. :)

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