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Stretch Armstrong

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Become your own superhero by getting out of your comfort zone.

Remember Stretch Armstrong? That was the crazy toy with the stretchy arms that provided entertainment or an instant argument for 2 kids on opposite sides of the doll

as they stretched his arms as far as they could. It didn’t exactly provide hours of entertainment but it was fun for a bit.

I never owned one but I was little, I thought it was so cool. This idea of “stretching” has come up often in my work recently. I have noticed that we are constantly being challenged to stretch ourselves.

Many of you might be able to relate to that feeling. It’s not terribly comfortable right? It might look like presenting at an on line work meeting for the first time, or having a difficult conversation with a friend. For some of you, it might look like creating your first website, or sharing your artwork with someone. It screams VULNERABILITY! It can make us want to run for cover. And yet, we know it’s probably really good for us to stretch ourselves. It’s good for us to get out of our comfort zone. Why? Because we would remain stagnant if we didn’t, and that would ultimately feel dull and could lead to a feeling of discontentment.

This is what brought the image Stretch Armstrong to mind. Think about it. If we take that little risk, or that big one, it means we are stretching our arms out wide. The wider we stretch, the more we have within our reach. Stretching provides us with new connections, growth, and opportunities we might not have realized if we stayed in our cocoons and remained “comfortable.”

Stretching leads to new friendships, jobs, hobbies, health and joy. You will always gain something from stretching, even if it is not what you initially set out to gain.

Give it a shot right now. Take a moment to think of something you know is a stretch for you. Write it down. Notice what you feel like when you identify your “thing.”

Make a commitment to stretch yourself and reach for something new. Keep it small.

See what it feel like after you stretched. Notice for the next few weeks what manifests in your life as a result of your bold Stretch Armstrong move. Be patient. Your stretch won’t let you down.

Let me know what your “stretch” plan is and how it works out for you.

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